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Should You Buy An Apple Watch In 2022? What You Need To Know

Everyone and their dogs have good things to say about the Apple Watch Series 5 and even the other older Apple Watch models like the Series 3 & 4 but could this be true? Well, let’s find out together.

A little side note here: This article will tell you all you need to know about the latest Apple Watch and Apple watches in general which include their advantages and disadvantages. It wasn’t written to sell you the Watch but if you eventually buy through any of our links, we may earn a commission.

I’ve been a fan of Apple Watches ever since Apple released the Apple Watch Series 3 back in 2017 and I have also used all the models of the Apple Watch to date starting from the Series 3.

In my honest opinion, getting an Apple Watch or any smartwatch at all, depends on your individual preferences. If you’re a fitness enthusiast and a techie in general who loves to try out new devices, then the Apple Watch is an awesome smartwatch to get, no doubt about that.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who just wants to have the time on your wrist or someone who doesn’t give a damn about fitness, smartwatches, or wearable technology in general, then I don’t recommend splashing a couple of hundred bucks on an Apple Watch. A traditional watch can tell the time on your wrist and you can use your smartphone to get notifications + some smart stuff.

That said, I love to have a smartwatch on my wrist all the time as they don’t only tell the time like traditional smartwatches do but also offer tons of important features which include fitness tracking features like heart rate monitoring, steps tracking, sleep tracking, calories burned measurement + other interesting features like smart notifications on your wrist, contactless payments (via Apple Pay), smart assistant (Siri), remote control for smart devices and more!

Reasons To Buy An Apple Watch

Below are some of the reasons why you should get an Apple Watch (preferably the Apple Watch Series 5) right now. Please note that these are based on my personal experience as an Apple Watch Series 5 user for quite some time now.

Health & Fitness

Apple watches (specifically the Apple Watch Series 4 & 5) are undoubtedly the best fitness smartwatches in the market with only Samsung Galaxy Watches coming close in terms of fitness tracking. If you’re a fitness tracking freak who always wants to have your fitness data handy, then the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for that.

2018 saw Apple refocus its watch marketing around health and fitness tracking with the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, and Apple Watch Series 5 which was released in late 2019 also featured many noticeable upgrades to these health and fitness tracking capabilities.

The release of the Apple Watch Series 4 also saw Apple include an ECG sensor for the first time ever on a smartwatch. In case you don’t know what ECG means, ECG the acronym Electrocardiogram which is a procedure/technology doctors use to detect common heart problems at hospitals and clinics.

An ECG is normally carried out in hospitals via ECG machines and Apple including an ECG sensor means you won’t have to visit a doctor all the time if you want to keep track of basic heart conditions and how your heart is doing in general. The Apple Watch Series 5 is currently the best ECG watch right now.

To get an ECG on an Apple Watch, simply open the ECG app on the watch and place your finger on the side knob which Apple calls the “digital crown” for 30 seconds. Apple watches can now detect if and when you’re experiencing normal (sinus) rhythm, or if you’re experiencing any form of atrial fibrillation.

Aside from ECG which is great by the way, the Apple Watch also comes with a lot of other fitness tracking features out of the box. Some of them include activity tracking (runs, steps, exercise, and more), GPS tracking, swim tracking, and more.

Fall detection is another particularly interesting feature on the Apple watch I love. This means an Apple watch is capable of detecting your fall via some sensors (gyrometer & accelerometer) and it then proceeds to make emergency calls to emergency services or any emergency phone numbers you set if you show signs of unresponsiveness. I’ve never had to use this, but it could be a lifesaver in cases of a hard fall for people with disabilities, seniors, and anyone in general.

The Apple Watch doesn’t come with sleep tracking out of the box and I think Apple did this to save battery life but if you need this, there are many apps like Sleep++ for example that can help you track your sleep and also provide accurate sleep data and analysis.

Using an Apple watch for me, has been a game-changer in terms of fitness and it has also made me a more health-conscious person in general. Apple just ticks all the boxes when it comes to fitness tracking and overall health monitoring on Apple Watches.


Apple Watches generally have communication features like text messaging and calling built right into them and they also work well. When a message or call comes into your smartphone, you can easily read (and reply) to them directly on your wrist (via the Apple Watch) without having to reach your phone. I find this incredibly convenient especially when I don’t know where my iPhone is or if I’m just too lazy to get it.

Selected models of the Apple watch also come with cellular capabilities via an eSIM technology which extends the LTE on your iPhone to the watch. If you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity capabilities, you can make calls, send text messages, reply to notifications, and do many other things on the internet even when your iPhone is far away! Yes, you heard that right, even when you’re miles away from your phone.

Stunning Stylish Design

Many people don’t like the design of Apple Watches but I’m a big fan. Yeah, I know round displays are the norm with wristwatches but I particularly like the square-shaped design of Apple Watches and the nice knob by the side which Apple calls the digital crown.

Apple watches also come in many designs, colors, and builds. You can get an Apple Watch with any type of band you like (leather, rubber, or metal). There are also many watch bands colors and designs you can choose from when getting an Apple watch.

One other interesting thing about Apple Watches (and most smartwatches we see these days) is the ability to customize watch faces. Watch faces on Apple Watches are fully customizable and you can choose from thousands of watch faces or even create your watch face customized to meet your taste. Apple has a dedicated tutorial on its website which shows you exactly how to create a watch face easily.

Time Keeping

Time Keeping is the most important feature of any wristwatch be it a smartwatch or a mechanical watch. As you would expect, the Apple Watch tells the time but more nicely with many features underneath.

Like I said earlier on, Apple Watches allows you to customize or change your watch face to fit any style and this is great. It also comes with an always-on bright retina display which means you don’t have to tap on its display or even lift your hand to know what the time is.

Another timekeeping feature I love on my Apple Watch Series 5 is the ability to set alarms and constant reminders. The Apple Watch does this alarm thing by vibrating constantly while you have the watch on your wrist. This seems to work well for when I’m sleeping compared to sound alarms. 


The fact that I can always view my latest notifications directly on my wrist without having to reach out for my iPhone every time is a very impressive if you ask me. I know you might be like, well, my iPhone shows all my notifications in real-time, why would I need a watch to do that?

Well, for convenience if you ask me. I don’t always have the flexibility to always use my phone especially at work and having a device that lets me know when I have a notification +  allowing me to reply to them directly on my wrists if I have to is a huge relief to me. 

Aside from social media, calls, and SMS notifications, the Apple Watch can also show you turn by turn navigation instructions (especially when driving), airplane boarding passes, coffee cards, and more.      

Apps For Anything!

Apple’s watchOS is undoubtedly one of the biggest smartwatch operating systems right now with only Google’s wearOS and Samsung’s TizenOS coming close in terms of market share and this is a great deal for Apple Watch users in case you don’t know.

The Apple Store on the Apple watch contains tons of additional apps you can install on your watch. There is an app (free or paid) for almost everything you can do on the watch, just name it!

Some features like sleep tracking and translator do not work out of the box on Apple Watches but you can choose from thousands of apps available on the Appstore to do that for you easily.

Easy Payments (Apple Pay)

Apple Pay on Apple Watches is just the best when it comes to contactless payments on smartwatches with only Google Pay coming a bit closer. If you have a lot of stores near you that support tap-to-pay, then getting an Apple Watch can help you make payments directly on your wrist without hassles.

An interesting thing about Apple Pay is the fact that it does not reveal any of your credit card or personal details when you make payments anywhere. If your watch loses contact with your wrist, Apple Pay stops completely so no one else can use your watch to make payments.

Setting up Apple Pay on an Apple Watch is also very easy. All you have to do is to fire up the Watch app on your iPhone and tap on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” tab. After that, Apple will request your credit card details and a 6-digit passcode which will be used for authentication. 

Your bank or card company will need to verify your details and if the card is eligible for Apple Pay. Once that’s done, you can now use your Apple Watch to make payment at supported stores. You can read a detailed guide on how Apple Pay works here.

Remote Control

I’m also a fan of smart home devices and I use an Apple TV too. With an Apple watch, I can control my Apple TV and some of my smart home devices, particularly my Honeywell Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat and my Philips smart bulb directly from my Apple Watch via Siri.

There are also other smart home devices you can control with an Apple Watch via Siri and the capabilities of this device just goes on and on.

Reasons Not To Buy An Apple Watch

Apple watches are undoubtedly the best smartwatches in the market but they’re not perfect. Apple is doing a good job in improving its smartwatches with newer features and performance improvements with each release but more still has to be done.

Below are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t get an Apple watch.


All Apple products are pricey and the Apple Watch is not an exception to this. The base model of the Apple Watch Series 5 is priced at around $400 on Amazon while other versions like the metal band version cost around $599 while the version with a titanium case costs around $799.

With the Apple Watch, you’ll get what you pay for and this a fact. Apple is known for manufacturing quality devices and the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches out there if not the best. The Apple brand in general is also a symbol of luxury and this is one of the major reasons why people purchase their devices.

Poor Battery Life

Apple Watches have very poor battery life and this is one area I think Apple is still lacking behind when it comes to smartwatches. On average, you should expect to get around 18 hours of battery juice on the latest Apple Watch and when you have some power-hungry features like continuous heart rate tracking and LTE switched on all the time, battery life would be lesser than that.

Essentially, you would need to charge your Apple Watch every single day so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to charge your watch every day, then the Apple Watch might not be for you. Other brands like Fitbit, Garmin, Amazfit, and Mobvoi offer at least 2days – 1 week of battery life on their smartwatches.

I recently wrote an article on the best battery life smartwatches right now so if you’re a fan of smartwatches with long-lasting batteries, make sure to check that article out.


Apple Watches and most Apple products like the iPhone and the Airpods are not built for rugged conditions so they might not be a great fit for you if you intend to get a smartwatch mostly for outdoor activities like climbing, hiking and generally activities that can make objects come in contact with your watch.

Some people use Apple Watches for outdoor activities but generally, I wouldn’t advise anyone to do that because Apple Watches are fragile especially the newer models.

Not For Productivity

Apple Watches and smartwatches in general are not for productivity as they tend to be highly distracting. The fact that you can get all your notifications on your wrist and also use the internet in some cases is enough to make you distracted from getting something done.

Some people see the Apple Watch as a productivity booster but I think it’s somewhere in between. With an Apple Watch, you wouldn’t have access to time-wasting apps like Facebook, Reddit, Snapchat, Youtube and the rest like you would have on your iPhone, but you’ll still get notifications from them although this can be turned off if you wish. So yeah, pretty much inbetween.

Doesn’t Work With Android

If you use an Android smartphone or any other smartphone at all that isn’t an iPhone, then the Apple Watch isn’t for you. 

Although there are some methods to tweak an Apple Watch to work with an Android phone (with limited capabilities), I wouldn’t personally recommend anyone on Android to get an Apple Watch because it wasn’t made for non iPhones.

Apple watches are Bluetooth devices and can connect with any phone regardless of OS, but to get it working, you need an iPhone. Some features like Apple Pay, iCloud, and more won’t work unless the watch is connected to an iPhone. 

You also can’t also install apps on the watch without connecting the watch to an iPhone so there’s no point in getting an Apple Watch if you don’t currently own an iPhone or plan on getting one.

Samsung smartwatches (preferably the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3) are the best Apple Watch alternatives right now and they work like charm when connected to Android smartphones (especially Samsung smartphones) so if you use an Android smartphone and don’t plan on getting an iPhone, then go for and of the latest Samsung smartwatches.

No Smartwatch, Ever!

Not everyone needs a smartwatch and if you feel a smartwatch is not for you, there is no point getting one. Smartwatches are great but not for everyone!

So Is The Apple Watch Worth It?

Absolutely! Apple Watches are worth every penny if you ask me. From fitness tracking to notifications, smart (personal) assistant – Siri, fall detection, convenience, and lots more, the Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the best smart devices you can purchase right now. 

Which Model Of The Apple Watch Should You Buy?

Yeah, you now love an Apple Watch right? But which model of the Apple Watch should you get?

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is Apple’s latest smartwatch and the best Apple Watch right now. It is not just the best Apple Watch yet, but the best smartwatch in the market right now. The watch offers a unique stylish design, LTE support, robust fitness tracking capabilities, notifications, potential lifesaving health features, and more. 

This smartwatch however is not cheap. The base model of the Apple Watch Series 5 costs $399 and the price increases depending on the configuration and customization options.

For iPhone users who have the cash to spend, the Apple Watch Series 5 is undoubtedly the best Apple Watch to get right now. Getting this watch ensures you’re not missing out on the latest smartwatch features from Apple. 

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best alternative to the Apple Watch Series 5 for iPhone users. Although a slightly older model of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 4 is still one of the best smartwatches around.

Like the Apple Watch Series 5, the Apple Watch Series 5 is a beast when it comes to fitness tracking and health monitoring. It also features a stylish design and Apple’s signature Digital Crown which allows users to scroll without obstructing the display. There are also some versions of the Apple Watch Series 4 which offer LTE support.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch may not be as fancy and exciting as the newer Apple Watches but it offers you great value for your buck. 

For $100+ less, you will be getting all the essential fitness tracking features available on the newer Apple watches except taking ECGs as the watch uses an optical sensor for heart rate monitoring over ECG sensors that ship with newer Apple Watch models. 

The Apple Watch Series 3 is also a little bit chunkier and comes with a smaller display when compared to the newer Apple Watch Models but hey, it works! 

If you don’t have all the cash to spend but you need an Apple Watch, then Apple Watch Series 3 is the best Apple Watch to go for.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article was able to help you decide if an Apple Watch is worth it or not right now. I use an Apple Watch Series 5 and I’ve loved it since the first day. It’s just interesting to see how much I could do directly on my wrist with an Apple Watch.

That said, Apple Watches are great but not affordable especially if you’re on a budget. If you don’t have the cash to get one, you can always go to a nearby Apple Store or watch some videos on YouTube to see Apple Watches working in real life. You can also buy one to try it out for some days and maybe weeks to see if it can help you then you can keep it if you loved it, or return if you didn’t.

Other good places to get what people think about Apple Watches are Reddit and Amazon reviews. Some of the best subreddits to ask questions relating to Apple Watches include r/AppleWatch, r/Apple, r/AppleHelp, and r/watchOS.

Got some questions for me or contributions/corrections to make to the article? Please leave them in the comments below and I will try to respond to them as soon as I can.

Happy Apple Watching!