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10 Best Watch Faces For Samsung Galaxy Watches (Free & Paid)

Unlike traditional wristwatches, one of the most interesting things about most modern smartwatches is the ability to change watch faces to fit any style.

The latest Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are not just some of the best smartwatches you can buy right now but some of the most customizable smartwatches in the market too.

If you just got a shiny new Samsung Galaxy watch or have been a Galaxy watch user for quite some time and you’re in search of the best watches faces for Samsung Galaxy watches, then you’ve landed in the right article as I will be sharing my top picks as someone who has tested out a dozen of these watch faces available on the galaxy store.

Please note that there is really no such thing as “the best watch face” since choosing the right watch face depends on your individual preferences. 

Some people prefer to have analog watch faces with the normal traditional/mechanical wristwatch feel, while others prefer to have full-blown digital watch faces that they can customize completely.

Whether you prefer analog or digital watch faces, there is a watch face for you on this list and without wasting more time, let’s take a look at these watch faces.

The Best Watch Faces For Samsung Galaxy Watches (Free & Paid)

1) My Day

  • AvailabilityFree

The My Day watch face has been around since the very first Samsung Galaxy Watch and it is still available right now and one of my most preferred watch faces for watches running on Tizen OS.

If you need a minimal and simple-looking watch face for your Galaxy Watch, the My Day watch face will surely be a great fit. It allows you to take a glance at the time and current battery life of the watch in a cool-looking design. 

There is also a simple calendar to the right of the watch face that allows you to view the current date quickly.

This is a watch face made by Samsung themselves so there is very little room for customization. It also comes by default on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 so if you own one a GW3, there is no need to visit the Galaxy Store to get it.

Not a Galaxy Watch 3 user? No problem as the My Day watch face is available on the Galaxy Store for free.

2) MD 226 Analog Watch Face

  • AvailabilityPremium

If you ask me, the MD 226 watch face is the ideal analog watch face to get for your Galaxy Watch if you love analog watch faces. Unlike the first watch face here, this one is not free, but totally worth the $1 price tag if you need a very good-looking watch face.

Some of the features of this watch face include battery percent (%), heart rate, distance moved in %, steps count (in %), and more. It also includes 17 LCD colors, 4 background options, and 7 marker options which are just enough customization options for anyone.

There are also some app shortcuts for heart rate, messages, email, battery level e.t.c + an option to create your own custom shortcuts. If your Galaxy Watch supports comes with the always-on display feature, then you can use the always on option on this watch face as it supports that fully.

The MD 226 Analog Watch Face is available on the Galaxy Store and it costs around $1. View On The Galaxy Store.

3) MD 207 Modern Digital Watch Face

  • AvailabilityPremium

The MD207 is my favorite digital watch face on the Galaxy store and if you’re a fan of digital watch faces, you’ll surely love to have this one on your galaxy watch.

Like the MD 226 which I mentioned earlier on this list, the MD 207 watch face which happens to be from the same developer also comes with a lot of features.

Some features of this watch face include date, time (24hr or 12hr), battery percent, multi-language support, steps, heart rate updates, daily goals, and more. The watch face however is not free but its features are just more than enough for the under $1 price tag. You can find the MD 207 Digital Watch Face on the Galaxy Store.

4) Messa

  • AvailabilityFree

Messa is another good-looking watch face that gives your galaxy watch a traditional look and feel you can find on normal mechanical wristwatches. 

There is actually nothing really crazy about this watch face and unlike other watch faces on this list which packs a lot of features on the screen, the Messa Galaxy Watch Face focuses on making everything as minimal and good-looking as possible.

On its features, you will get to see your current battery percent in a nice looking gauge and then ticking hands for showing the time and another analog ticker which shows the current day and date. The Messa Galaxy watch face is available on the Galaxy Store for free and it works on all Tizen powered Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

5) Moshe 3

  • AvailabilityPremium

The Moshe 3 watch face is another minimal-looking watch face which I highly recommend you give a spin on your shiny new Galaxy watch. Don’t blame me as I’m a fan of minimal and traditional-looking watch faces and I recommend them every now and then.

On its features, the Moshe 3 watch face comes with a nice-looking ticker that shows the time and this gives your watch that traditional look and feel. Other features include the date, day of the week, current time, current battery percent, and distance covered.

Like the other minimal watch faces which are mentioned above, this watch face doesn’t come with any of those very fancy features which will eat up your battery life and if you’re a minimalist like me, you might want to consider it.

You can also change the colors of the objects on the watch face (except the clock hands), and available colors are blue, red, and green. The Moshe 3 watch face is a premium watch face that costs around $1.5 and you can get it on the Galaxy store.

6) Matveyan Sports

  • AvailabilityPremium

If you’re a fan of shiny faces aka animated watch faces, then you would love the Matvyan sports watch faces. This watch face basically tells all you need to know about your watch and fitness from a glance.

Some of the details you can glance through directly from the watch face include steps, distance(KM/mile), BPM, KCAL, step target percent, battery percent, month, and of course, the current time of the day.

The theme colors of this watch face are also customizable and there are more than 5 colors to choose from. The Matveyan Sports watch face is a premium watch face from a developer named Matev Ananev and it is available on the Galaxy app store.

7) Blue Pop

  • AvailabilityFree

The Blue Pop watch face is a minimal-looking watch face from Samsung themselves so if you’re a fan of minimal and good-looking watch faces, then you might want to try out this one on your Galaxy Watch.

One thing I really love about this watch face is its theming and how all the views in the watch face blend well with the blue color. On this watch face, you can view some details like the current day of the week, date, current steps count, and of course, the current time of the day directly on the watch face.

This watch face was released by Samsung, so it’s completely free and available for download on the Galaxy store.

8) Matveyan Technical Classic

  • AvailabilityPremium

The Mateveyan Technical Classic is another good-looking animated watch face from the popular developer, Matev Ananev, and like the Matveyan Sports watch face which I mentioned above, the Mateveyan technical classic is also a perfect watch face with an awesome design.

Some of its features include multi-language support, 24hr/12 hr clock with hands, digital time, BPM, steps, current battery percent, step goals, and more. It also comes with two color options for you to choose from, gold and silver.

This watch face is a premium watch face and you can purchase it directly on the Galaxy store.

9) Fit Future

  • AvailabilityFree

Fit future is a stock watch face that was released by Samsung back in 2019 and it is still one of my favorite watch faces till now.

Like the name “fit future” suggests, this watch face is primarily focused on helping you stay fit and accessing your fitness data easily and I’m a big fan of this. Some of the fitness information you can view directly on the watch face include heart rate, steps, and calories burned.

The watch face also shows the time on a nice analog clock with good-looking clock hands and also, the date and day of the week. Fit future is developed by Samsung and it is free to download on the Galaxy store.

10) SG-74

The last watch face on this list is the SG-74 watch face which is available for free on the Galaxy store. Like some other watch faces on this list, the SG-74 watch face is a minimalist watch face that keeps everything simple.

You will get to see your battery percentage and steps on a nice analog scale on both ends of the watch face. There is also a digital clock on the top and the date at the bottom. As an analog watch face, it also features the normal clock hands we see on most mechanical wristwatches.

Like I mentioned earlier, the SG-74 is available for free on the Galaxy Store and it was developed by Silvio Kopf.


Below is some other Samsung Galaxy watch faces you can take a look at on the Galaxy store.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, my top picks on the best watch faces for Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. As mentioned earlier, choosing the best watch face for your galaxy watch will largely depend on how you would love your watch to look.

Some of these watch faces are premium watch faces while others are free and can be readily downloaded from the Galaxy store.