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Can You get Snapchat On A Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series features some of the best smartwatches in the market right now from the latest Galaxy Watch 4 (with Google’s latest wearOS platform) which was released just recently to the older and more stylish Galaxy Watch Active 2 and even the original Galaxy Watch which is still very popular today.

Unlike other smartwatches with closed operating systems like smartwatches from brands like Garmin and Amazfit, Samsung smartwatches, Apple Watches, and Android (wearOS) smartwatches are known for allowing users to install 3rd party apps from their stores and this is one feature I would love to see on any smartwatch.

Galaxy Watches (with the exception of the newer Galaxy Watch 4 Series) run on Samsung’s own Tizen OS and they offer a wide range of apps and watch faces that you can install from the Galaxy store on your watch.

If you’re are a very frequent Snapchat user who just got a new Galaxy Watch, you might be asking if it is possible to install Snapchat on a Galaxy Watch and pair it with your Snapchat account? Well, let’s find out if that is actually possible.

Is It Possible To Get Snapchat On A Galaxy Watch?

No, you can’t install Snapchat on your Samsung Galaxy Watch as there is no dedicated Snapchat app for Galaxy Watches as you have on your smartphone; however, you can still get the latest notifications from Snapchat when your Galaxy Watch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Snapchat originally released an app back in 2013 – Snapchat Micro – for one of the earliest Galaxy Watches (the Galaxy Gear Watch) but later discontinued the development of the app and eventually removed it from the Galaxy Store.

Orignal Snapchat Micro via TechCrunch

The Snapchat Micro app (while it was still supported by Snapchat) was able to take pictures and 10-second 720p videos with the 1.4-megapixel camera on the original Galaxy Gear Watch. Samsung stopped adding cameras on their Galaxy Watches, so Snapchat discontinued the development of the app in the later years of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

How To Enable Snapchat Notifications On Samsung Galaxy Watch

Since there is no Snapchat app on the Galaxy Store for Galaxy Watches, the best way to use Snapchat with your Galaxy Watch would be to get your latest Snapchat notifications directly on the watch when connected with your smartphone. Thankfully, that is entirely possible on a Galaxy Watch!

To enable Snapchat notifications on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Galaxy Wearables app on your smartphone (you should have downloaded this when setting up your Galaxy Watch)
  • Go to Notifications >> See All
  • Locate Snapchat on the list and tap on the slider next to it to enable Snapchat notifications on your Galaxy Watch
  • Finally, you should be able to get your latest Snapchat notifications directly on your watch by now and if it doesn’t work, just restart the watch.